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A Colorado man became the first person of the 21st century — and the fourth person overall — to use a contraption attached to his nose to push a peanut up Pikes Peak mountain.

The City of Manitou Springs said Bob Salem began pushing the peanut up the mountain at 9 a.m. on July 9 and reached the top in a 10 a.m. ceremony July 15.

Salem attempted the unusual feat as part of Manitou Springs’ 150 Year Celebration.

City officials said Salem was the fourth person to ever complete the task, and the first person of the 21st century. They said his 7-day journey broke the record of eight days, which was set by Ulysses Baxter in 1963.

“There is no city like Manitou Springs,” Salem told city officials before beginning his attempt. “I am excited to be the one to bring around this bit of history to celebrate Manitou Springs’ 150th Celebration. I hope everyone takes the time to visit and indulge in the rich history the Pikes Peak area represents. You won’t want to leave.”